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#1 Which bank was baptised as the State Bank of India?

#2 The composer of ‘Paradise Regained’ is –

#3 Which one of the following makes a case for intensive, modern farming?

#4 Which one of the following plants belongs to family Anacardiaceae?

#5 The Multi-billion dollar project TAPI on which work started in December, 2015 is related to –

#6 What cell component is commonly used for personal identification?

#7 Which of the following festival associated with full-moon day?

#8 Who is the author of ‘A Passage to England’?

#9 Which of the following scheme was formulated by RBI ?

#10 The play ‘Nathabati Anathabot’ was directed by –

#11 Bijapur is known for its :

#12 In Word, you can change Page Margins by –

#13 Which is the International Dance?

#14 Who amongst the following is a Social Activist ?

#15 Which was the second bank in India with limited liability?

#16 On which of the following river is Ajmer situated?

#17 White colour of soil is due to the presence of –

#18 RBI has two Training colleges for officers training. One is at Pune. Where is the other one?

#19 On a CD-RW you can

#20 The “Triffin Paradox” primarily pertain to –