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#1 Pink bollworm is a pest of –

#2 Pong Dam is constructed on which of the following rivers?

#3 The temple situated near Pushkar Lake in Rajasthan is related to –

#4 In H.T.S.T. pasteurization, which one of the following organisms is chosen as index organism for killing?

#5 The Baltic Dry Index is associated with –

#6 In cricket, the two sets of wicket are

#7 Indira Sagar Dam located in Madhya Pradesh is built on which of the following river?

#8 Which year is observed as Poverty Eradication Year by SAARC?

#9 On a CD-RW you can

#10 At which place Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meets and take the name Ganga?

#11 Pneumatic tyre was invented by ?

#12 Who amongst the following is a Social Activist ?

#13 The famous Konark Temple in Orissa was built by whom ?

#14 This is not a function category in Excel –

#15 Salal Project is constructed on which of the following rivers?

#16 Open market operations refers to the sale and purchase by the RBI of –

#17 Our task had been completed before sunset.

#18 Which was the second bank in India with limited liability?

#19 Who was the Director of ‘Aparajito’?

#20 Which day is observed as World Food Day?