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#1 ___ has been named as the Flying Sikh of India.

#2 Who among the following has written the book Joseph Anton?

#3 Water use efficiency is the highest is case of–

#4 “Mellow Johnny” is nick name of Which cycling champion ?

#5 The term Grand Slam is associated with

#6 Our task had been completed before sunset.

#7 ‘Federation Cup’ in India is associated with which sport?

#8 Which one of the following is not related to disarmament?

#9 Which bone is located in the collar region of the human body?

#10 In which year was the Banking Regulation Act passed?

#11 The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called –

#12 Who is the first Indian in space ?

#13 The year 1991 was observed in India as the year of:

#14 If you change Windows 98 to Windows XP, you are actually performing

#15 Penicillin acts on-

#16 With which of the following activities, Golden Globe Awards are associated?

#17 Who has first time seen the micro-organism?

#18 He had kept up his diet program for a month.

#19 The “Pommel Horse” is term associated with the game

#20 When was the first railway line started in the southern part of India?