Books and Authors

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Amartya Sen  Identity and violence :  The Illusion of Destiny, Argumentative Indian
Al Gore  An Inconvenient Truth, The Assault on Reason
Alison Moore  The Lighthouse
Anita Nair  Ladies Coupe
Andrew Boyle  The Climate of Treason
Andersen  The Little Mermaid, King’s Clothers.
Arnold Tonybee  Mankind and Mother Earth
Alan Hollinghurst  The Line of Beauty, The Swimming Pool Library, The Folding Star
Amrita Pritam  Death of a City, Shadows of words :  An Autobiography, Pinjar
Aladi Aruna  Unfederal Features of Indian Constitution
Antony Copley  Hinduism in public and private-Reform, Hindutva; Gender and Sampraday
Mulk Raj Anand  The Village, The Golden Breath, The Coolie, Two Leaves and a Bud, Across the Black Waters
A.G. Noorani  Islam and Jehad, The Babri Masjid Question- A matter of National Honour
Aijaz Ahmad  On Communalism and Globalisation, Offensives of the far right
Aldous Huxley  Antic Hay, Ends and Means, Travel Books, Grey Eminence, Brave New World Revisited
B.G. Verghese  Warrior of The Fourth Estate : Ramnath Goenka of the Express
Bana Bhatta  Kadambari, Harshacharita.
J.M. Barrie  Peter Pan, What Every Woman Knows, A Kiss for Cinderella
L. Beethoven  Moonlight Sonata, Fidelio and the Ninth Symphony
Sir Richard Burton  Arabian Nights
Bankim Chandra Chatterjee  Anandmath, Kapal Kundala, Durgesh Nandini, Vish Vriksha, Chandra Shekhar.
Bill Gates  Business, The speed of thought, The Road Ahead
Albert Camus  The Plague, The Rebel
Anton Chekov  The Cherry Orchard, The Three Sisters
Colleen Mc Cullough  Thorn Birds
Christopher Wakling  Beneath the Diamond Sky
Chandra Shekhar  Dynamics of Social Change
Charles Darwin  The Origin of Species, Descent of man.
Alexandre Dumas  Three Musketeers
John Dryden  All for Love, Absalom and Achitophel
Deepak Chopra  The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
David Davidar  The House of Blue Mangoes
David Stevenson  Armaments and the Coming of War
Don Miguel Ruiz  The Four Agreements
Dominique Lapierre and Javier Moro  It was Five Past-Midnight in Bhopal
Stephenie Meyer  Eclipse
Edgar Snow  Red Star Over China
Rohinton Mistry  Family Matters
Francois Gautier  A Western Journalist on India
Edward. M. Forster  A Passage to India, Maurice
George Bernard Shaw  Androcles and the Lion
Gopichand Narang  Tapish Naam-E-Tammna
Gunter Grass  The Flounder, The Tin Drum, Cat and Mouse, My Century etc.
Ghalib  Urdu and Persian
Gita Mehta  Snakes and Ladders : Essays on India
Guy de Maupassant  A Woman’s Life
Anthony Hope  The Prisoner of Zenda
Harold Robbins  Never Enough
Hilary Mantel  Bring up the Bodies
Henry Mortou Robinson  The Cardinal
Indra Sinha  Animals People
Jaswant Singh  Jinnah-India Partition – Independence
John Grisham  Playing for Pizza
Indira Goswami  The shadow of Kamakhya, Chhinqmasta
Irving Wallace  The R Document
James Baldwin  The Fire Next Time
Jeremy Scahill  Black Water
Ben Jonson  Every Man in his Humour, Silent Woman, Alchemist
John Grisham  A Painted House
JRR Tolkein  The Lord of the Rings
Joyce, James  Ulysses, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Javed Akhtar  Quiver (Tar-kash)
Jullian Barnes  The Sense of an Ending
Jacques Chirac  A New France
Jyotirmaya Sharma  Hindutva- Exploring the India of Hindu Nationalism
J.M. Lyngdoh  Chronicle of an Impossible Election
Katherine Frank  Life of Indira, Nehru, Gandhi
Khalid Rashid  Jhelum Factor
Kanti Bajpai  Kargil & After, Challenges for Indian Policy
Kazi Nazrul Islam  Agni Veena
Karl Marx  Das Capital
Khaled Hosseini  A Thousand Splendid Suns
Kiran Bedi and Parminder Singh  E-Governance Opportunities of India
Kiran Nagarkar  The Extras
Kapil Dev  By God’s Decree
Lajpat Rai  Unhappy India
Mikhail Sholokbov  And Quiet Flows the Don
Milan Kundera  The Joke
Madeline Miler  The Song of Achilles
Mukul Kesavan  Secular Common Sense
Mike Marqusee  Anyone But England
Maroof Raza  Generals and governments in India & Pakistan
M. K. Gandhi  The Story of My Experiments With Truth, Indian Home Rule, Conquest of Self, Self-restraint vs Self-indulgence. My Early Life, Non-violence in Peace and War
Mark Tully  Non-Stop India
Margaret Atwood  The Blind Assassin
Major Sulakshan Mohan  India’s Nuclear Leaf
Martin Amis  The War against Cliché
Mario Puzo  The Family, The Godfather
Mala Sen  India’s Bandit Queen :  The true story of Phoolan Devi
R. K. Narayan  The Guide, Waiting for the Mahatma, Memories of Malgudi
N.A. Palkhiwala  We the Nation, The Lost Decades
Nelson Mandela  Long walk to freedom, The Struggle in My Life
Sarojini Naidu  The Sceptred
Namita Gokhale  Present Tense-Living on the Edge
Jawaharlai Nehru  The Discovery of India, Glimpses of World History
Surya Kant Nirala  Juhi Ki Kali, Tulsi Ka Gyan Bodh
Omar Khayyam  The Rubaiyat
Octavio Paz  Sun Stone
Prabha Atre  Enlisting the Listener
Pearl S. Buck  Good Earth
Boris Pasternak  Dr. Zhivago
Penelope Leach  Baby and Child
Prof D.N. Jha  Holy Cow :  Beef in Indian Dietary Traditions
P.C. Alexander  Through the Carr-idors of Power-An Insider’s Story
Pervez Musharraf  In the Line of Fire :  A Memoir
Munshi Prem Chand  Rang Bhwni, Kaya Kalp, Godan, Prem Basti, Soz-i- Watan.
Romain Rolland  Mahatma Gandhi, Ramakrishna; Jean Christopher
Robin Cook  Abduction, Shock
Richard Bernstein  Ultimate Journey
R. Venkatraman  My Presidential Years
R.M. Lala  For the Love of India
Rudyard Kipling  Kim, Jungle Book, The Light That ‘Failed’
Rajagopalachari, C  The Fatal Cart, Reconciliation – Why and How
Sunil Gavaskar  Sunny Days
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman  Friends & Foes
Simone de Beauvoir  The Second Sex
Sunil Gangopadhyay  First light
Stephen Hawking  A Brief History of Time, The Universe in a Nut Shell.
S.S. Gill  Gandhi A Sublime failure
Stanley Wol-port  The Life and Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi
S.K. Majumdar  Jinnah and Gandhi
Samuel P. Huntington  Clash of Civilizations
Steve Waugh  Out of My Comfort Zones
Strobe Talbott  Engaging India-Diplomacy, Democracy and the Bomb
R.N. Tagore  Gora, The Wreck, The Gardener, The Post Office, The King of Dark Chamber, Crescent Moon, Home and the World
Toni Morrison  Beloved
Thomas Hobbes  Leviathan
Tok Johnson  Through Little Tails and The Treat Floor
T.N. Seshan  Regeneration of India-2001
Thomas Paine  Common Sense
The Garden of Evening Mists  Tan Twan Eng
A. Tennyson  The Lady of Shalott, Idylls of the King
Tony Kusher  Angels in America
VP Singh  Manzil se Jyada Safar
Vladimir Putin  Judo-History :  Theory & Practice
Vatsyayana  Kamasutra
Vishnu Sharma  Panchatantra
V. S. Naipaul  India :  A wounded civilization, A Bend in the River, Half a life, The Adventures of Gurudeva, A House for Mr. Biswas
H.G. Wells  The Shape of Things to Come, Time Machine
W. Wordsworth  Ode to Duty, The Prelude, Solitary Reaper, Tintern Abbey
William Kennedy  Very Old Bones
Yves Thoraval  The Cinemas of India (1896-2000)
Z.A. Bhutto  If I am Assassinated

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