Important Dates of Indian History

Year Event
5000 BC Indus Valley Civilization
2000 BC Vedic Age
563 BC Birth of Gautama Buddha
327 BC Alexander’s Invasion
276 BC Asoka’s Reign Started
320 AD Starting of Gupta Era
405-411 AD Chinese Traveler Fahien’s visit
1191 First battle of Tarain
1192 Second Battle of Tarain
1221 Changez Khan’s Invasion
1296 Al-ud-din Khilji’s Accession
1325 Muhammad bin Tughlaq’s Accession
1469 Birth of Guru Nanak
1498 Vasco de Gama’s discovery of India
1526 First battle of Panipat; Foundation of Mughal Era
1556 Second Battle of Panipat
1600 East India Company established
1761 Third Battle of Panipat
1764 Battle of Buxar
1857 Revolt of 1857
1869 Birth of Mahatma Gandhi
1885 Foundation of National Congress
1906 Foundation of Muslim League
1919 Jalianwala Bagh Massacre
1920 Non co operation Movement launched
1930 Civil Disobedience Movement Launched
1931 Gandhi-Irwin Pact
1937 Provincial Autonomy
1942 Quit India Movement
1947 Division of India, Independence of India

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