Inventions and Discoveries

Air Brake George Westinghouse
Aniline Dyes Hoffman
Antiseptic Surgery Lord Joseph Lister
Archimedean Screw Archimedies
Avogadro’s Hypothesis Avogadro
Atomic Number Mosley
Atomic Theory Dalton
Atomic Structure Bohr and Rutherford
Automobile Daimler
Balloon Montgolfier
Barometer Torricelli
Beri – Beri Eijkman
Bicycle Macmillian
Blood Circulation Harvey
Boson S.N.Bose
Boyle’s law Boyle
Braille Louis Braille
Breaking up the Nucleus of an atom Rutherford
Celluloid Parkes
Chloroform James Harrison and James
Young Simpson
Cholera Bacillus Robert Koch
Cinematography Thomas Alva Edison
Coloured Photography Lippman
Cosmic Rays R.A.Millikan
Crescograph J.C.Bose
Crystal Dynamics C.V.Raman
Cyclotron Lawrence
D.D.T. Dr.Paul Muller
Deuterium (Heavy Water) H.C.Urey
Diesel Oil Engine Rudolf Diesel
Discovery of North Pole Robert Peary (1909)
Discovery of South Pole Amundson (1912)
Discovery of West Indies Columbus (1492)
Discovery of Solar System Copernicus (1540)
Discovery of Laws of
Planetary Motion
Discovery of Specific Gravity Archimedes
Drinker’s Chamber of Iron
Dr.Philip Drinker
Dynamite Alfred Nobel
Dynamo Faraday
Dynamical theory of Heat Lord Kelvin
Deciphering the genetic code Dr.Hargobiad Khorana
Discovery of Electrons J.J.Thomson
Electric Battery Volta
Electric Lamp Edison
Electricity Faraday
Electron Theory Bohr
Electromagnetic Theory Maxwell
Electrical Waves Heitz
Electric Measurement Gauss
Effect of Pressure on trough bodies Meghnad Saha
Fahrenheit Scale Fahrenheit
Film & Photographic goods Kodak
Fundamental Laws of Electric
Fountain Pen Waterman
Geometry Euclid
Gun powder Rogei Bacon
Gramophone Thomas Alva Edison
Helicopter Broquett
Helium Gas Lockyer
Heavy Hydrogen Urey
Homoeopathy Hahnemann
Hovercraft Cockrell
Hydrogen Cavendish
Hydrophobia Louis Pasteur
Induction of Electric Current Faraday
Incandescent Bulb Edison
Induction Coil Rohm Korff
Insulin F.Banting
Intelligence test Binet
In Number Theory Ramanujam
Jet Propulsion Frank Whittle
Kala-azar Fever U.N.Brahmachari
Laughing Gas Priestley
Life Boat Henry Great Head
Lift (Elevators) Otis
Lightning Conductor Benjamin Franklin
Linotype Mergenthaler
Line of demarcation (ship) Plimsoll
Laws of Electrical Resistance Ohm
Law of Electrolysis Faraday
Law of gases Gay Lussac
Laws of Gravitation Newton
Laws of Heredity Gregory Mandel
Logarithms John Napier
Laws of Motion Newton
Laws of Natural Selections Darwin
Laws of Multiple Proportion Dalton
Liquid Oxygen Dewar
Mathematical Astro Physics Chandrasekhar
Measurement of Electrical
Joule, James Prescoft
Mauve dye Perkin
Machine Gun Dr.Gatting
Malarial Parasite Ronald Ross
Mechanical Equivalent of
Meson Hideki Yakawa
Microphone Berliner
Microscope Janes
Montessori Method Maria Montessori
Molecular Scattering of light in fluid Ramanathan
Neon Gas Ramsay, Travers
Neutron Chadwick
Nuclear Fission Otto Hahn, Bohr and Fermi
Nylon Plastic Carothers
Origin of Species Charles Darwin
Oxygen Priestly
Paints Shalimar
Penicillin Fleming
Periodic Law Mendeleef
Phonograph Edison
Phonographic Shorthand Pitman
Photograph Dauguerre
Principle for lever Archimedes
Phototherapy N.R.Finsen
Positive Electrons Anderson
Powerloom Cartwright
Pneumatic Tyre Dunlop
Printing for the Blind Braille
Printing Press Caxton
Printing Types John Guttenberg
Psycho-analysis Dr.Sigmund Freud
Quantum Theory Max plank
Radio-activity of Uranium Henry Becquerel
Raman effect C.V.Raman
Radium Madame Curie
Railway Engine Stephenson
Radio transmitter Alexanderson
Rare Gas Cavandish
Replacing human heart Christian Barnard
Revolver Colt
Safety Lamp Davy
Safety Razor Gillet
Salk Vaccine Salk
Seismograph Roberts Mallet
Scientific astronomy Hippalus
Sewing Machine Elias Howe
Sextant Hadley
Space flying Braun, Dr.Wernher Von
Steam boat Fulton
Steam Engine James Watt
Steam Turbine Parsons
Spectroscope Bunsen
Steel Melting Process Bessemer
Stethoscope Laennec
Submarine Bushwell
Sulpha Drugs Domagk
Theory of Relativity Einstein
Theory of Evolution Darwin
Theory of conditioned reflex Pavlov
Talkies Lee-de-Frost
Tank Swinton
Telegraphic Code Samuel Morse
Telephone Graham Bell
Telescope Galileo
Television Baird
Thermometer Galileo
Thermos Flasks Dewar
T.N.T. llly Brandt
Transistor Shockley
Typewriter Sholes
Uranium fusion Oho Hahn
Uranus (Planet) Herschel William
Vaccination Jenner
Vitamins Funk
Washing Soda Lablanc
Wireless Communication Oliver Lodge
Wireless Telegraphy Marcony
X – Rays Roentgen
Zip Fastener W.L.Judson

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