Largest of the World

Largest active volcano Mauna lao on Hawaii
Largest airforce USA
Largest airport King Khalid International Airport at Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Largest animal Blue whale
Largest archipelago Indonesia
Largest army China
Largest artificial lake Lake Mead at Hoover Dam, (USA),  Originally known as Boulder
Largest bank World bank (Washington)
Largest bay Hudson Bay (North Canada)
Largest bird Ostrich
Largest book publishing company Mc Graw Hill (New York)
Largest canal Keil Canal in Germany
Largest carnivorous mammal Polar Bear
Largest cave Mammoth Cave, Kentucky (USA)
Largest cemetery Leningrad (Russia)
Largest church St Peter’s Basilica, (Rome)
Largest city (population) Tokyo (Japan)
Largest cold desert Gobi (Mongolia)
Largest continent Asia
Largest country (in area) Russia
Largest country (in population) China
Largest cricket stadium Melbourne (Australia)
Largest dam Three Gorges (China)
Largest delta Sundarbans (India & Bangladesh)
Largest democracy India
Largest desert Sahara (Africa)
Largest diamond The Cullinan
Largest Dome in the World Astrodome, in Housten (USA)
Largest electorate India
Largest embassy Russian Embassy (Beijing)
Largest Epic Mahabharat
Largest estuary Ob (Russia)
Largest forest Coniferous Forests of
Largest gorge Grand Canyon (USA)
Largest gulf Gulf of Mexico
Largest hotel MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas (USA)
Largest inland sea Mediterranean sea
Largest island Greenland
Largest lake (fresh water) Lake Superior (North America)
Largest lake (salt water) Caspian sea
Largest land animal The African Bush Elephant
Largest landmass The Eurasian Landmass
Largest library United States Library of Congress
Largest mosque Sha Faisal Mosque (Islamabad)
Largest mountain range The Himalaya
Largest museum American Museum of Natural History (New York)
Largest natural satellite Ganymede (Jupiter)
Largest navy USA
Largest north to south stretch of land America
Largest ocean Pacific
Largest open university Indira Gandhi National Open University (New Delhi)
Largest palace Imperial Palace, Beijing
Largest park Wood Buffalo National Park (Canada)
Largest parliament The National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China
Largest peninsula Arabia
Largest planet Jupiter
Largest plateau Pamir (Tibet)
Largest port New Jersey
Largest prison Kharkov (Russia)
Largest railway station Grand Central Terminal (New York)
Largest reef Great Barrier Reef, (Australia)
Largest river Amazon
Largest river basin Amazon
Largest river island Majuli (Assam)
Largest sea South China sea
Largest sea bird Albatross
Largest stadium Strahove (Czech Republic)
Largest statue Statue of liberty
Largest steel plant Nippon Steel plant (Japan)
Largest strait Tartar strait
Largest temple Angkorwat (Cambodia)
Largest town Mt. Isa (Queensland)
Largest university building University of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Largest wall The Great Wall (China)
Largest war plane Mirage (France)
Largest wingspan Albatross
Largest zoo Krugal National Park (South Africa)

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