Largest, Smallest, Fastest Animals

Here is a list of superlatives for animals:

Largest mammal (also largest animal) Blue Whale
Smallest mammal Bumblebee Bat
Largest land animal African Elephant
Fastest land animal Cheetah
Tallest animal Giraffe
Largest monkey Mandrill
Smallest monkey Pygmy Marmoset
Largest ape Gorilla
Smallest ape Gibbon
Largest reptile Saltwater Crocodile
Largest land carnivore Polar Bear
Largest rodent Capybara
Smallest rodent Pygmy Jerboa
Longest venomous snake King Cobra
Largest fish Whale Shark
Largest amphibian Chinese Giant Salamander
Largest snake Anaconda
Largest bird Ostrich
Smallest bird Hummingbird
Tallest flying bird Sarus Crane
Fastest flying bird Peregrine Falcon
Bird with the longest wingspan Wandering Albatross
Largest invertebrate Giant Squid
Animal with longest lifespan Tortoise
Largest butterfly Alexandra’s Birdwing
Largest living lizard Komodo dragon

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