Scientific Inventions and Discoveries

Inventions Inventor Year Country
Acetylene Gas Berthelot 1862 France
Adding machine Pascal 1642 France
Adhesive tape, Scotch Richard Drew 1930 USA
Aeroplane Orville & Wilbur Wright 1903 USA
Air conditioning Carrier 1902 USA
Aeroplane, jet engine Ohain 1939 Germany
Airship(non-rigid) Henri Giffard 1852 France
Aerosol spray Erik Rotheim 1926 Norway
Artificial heart William Kolff 1957 Netherlands
Atomic bomb J Robert Oppenheimer 1945 USA
atomic numbers Moseley 1913 Britain
atomic theory Dalton 1803 Britain
automatic rifle John Browning 1918 USA
Bakelite Leo H Baekeland 1907 Belgium
ballistic missile Wernher von Braun 1944 Germany
balloon Jacques & Joseph Montgolfier 1783 France
ballpoint pen John J loud 1888 USA
barometer Evangelista Torricelli 1644 Italy
battery(electric) Alessandro Volta 1800 Italy
bicycle Kirkpatrick Macmillan 1839-40 Britain
bicycle tyres(pneumatic) John Boyd Duniop 1888 Britain
bifocal lens Benjamin Franklin 1780 USA
bleaching powder Tennant 1798 Britain
Bunsen Burner R. Willhelm von Bunsen 1855 Germany
burglar alarms Edwin T. Holmes 1858 USA
calculus Newton 1670 Britain
camera, Kodak Walker Eastman 1888 USA
canned food Appert 1804 France
Car(Steam) Nicolas Cugnot 1769 France
car(Petrol) Karl Benz 1888 Germany
Carburettor Gottlieb Daimler 1876 Germany
Cassette, Audio Philips co. 1963 Holland
Cassette videotape Sony 1969 Japan
Celluloid Alexander Parkes 1861 Britain
Cement (Portland) Joseph Aspdin 1824 Britain
Chemotheraphy Ehrlich 1909 Germany
Chronometer John Harrison 1735 Britain
Cinema Nicolas and Jean Lumiere 1895 France
Clock (Mechanical) I Hsing & Liang Ling Tsan 1725 China
Cloning, DNA Boyer, Cohen 1973 USA
Cloning, mammal Wilmut, et al 1996 UK
Compact disc RCA 1972 USA
Compact disc player Sony, Philips co 1979 Japan, Netherlands
Computer, laptop Sinclair 1987 Britain
Computer,mini Digital corp 1960 USA
Crossword puzzle Arthur Wynne 1913 USA
CT Scan Hounsfield 1973 Britain
Diesel engine Rudolf Diesel 1895 Germany
Disc brakes Dr. F Lanchester 1902 Britain
Disc, video Phillips co 1972 Holland
DNA, structure Crick-UK,Watson-US,Wilkins-UK 1951
Dynamo Hypolite Pixii 1832 France
Electric flat iron H.W. Seeley 1882 USA
Electric lamp Thomas alva Edison 1879 USA
electric motor (DC) Zenobe Gramme 1873 Belgium
Electric motor (AC) Nikola Tesla 1888 USA
Electric iron Henry W.Seely 1882 USA
Electric washing machine Alva J Fisher 1906 USA
Electromagnet William Sturgeon 1824 Britain
Electron Thomson J 1897 Britain
Electroplating Luigi Brugnatelli 1805 Italy
Electronic computer Dr Alan M turning 1824 Britain
Facsimile machine Alexander Bain 1843 Britain
Fibre-optics Kepany 1955 Britain
Film (moving outlines) Louise Prince 1885 France
Film (talking) J. Engl, J.Mussolle & H Vogt 1922 Germany
Film (musical sound) Dr Le de forest 1923 USA
Floppy disk IBM 1970 USA
Frequency modulation EH Armstrong 1933 USA
Frisbee Fred Morrisson 1948 USA
Fountain pen Lewis E. Waterman 1884 USA
Galvanometer Andre-Marie Ampere 1834 France
Glider Sir George Cayley 1853 Britain
Gramophone Thomas Alva Edison 1878 USA
Helicopter Etinne Oehmichen 1924 France
HIV Martagnier 1984 France
Holography Denis Gason 1947 Britain
Hydrogen bomb Edward Teller 1952 USA
Intelligence testing Simon Binet 1905 France
Jet engine Sir Frank Whittle 1937 Britain
Laser Theodore Maiman 1960 USA
Launderette J.F. Cantrell 1934 USA
Lift (mechanical) Elisha G Otis 1852 USA
Lightning conductor Benjamin Franklin 1752 USA
Locomotive Richard Trevithick 1804 Britain
Logarithms Napier 1614 Britain
Loom, power E cartwright 1785 Britain
Loudspeaker Horace Short 1900 Britain
Machine gun Richard Gatling 1718 Britain
Magnetic recording tape Fritz Pfleumer 1928 Germany
Match, safety John Walker 1826 Britain
Microphone Alexander Graham Bell 1876 USA
Microprocessor Robert Noyce & Gordon Moore 1971 USA
Microscope,comp Z.Janssen 1590 Netherlands
Microscopes, elect Ruska Knoll 1931 Germany
Microwave oven Percy LeBaron Spencer 1947 USA
Motorcycle G. Daimler 1885 Germany
Movie projector Thomas Edison 1593 USA
MRI Damadian 1971 USA
Neon lamp George Claude 1910 France
Neutron Chadwick 1932 Britain
Neutron bomb Samuel Cohan 1958 USA
Nylon Dr Wallace H Carothers 1937 USA
Optical fibre Narinder Kapany 1955 Germany
Paper AD 105 China
Pacemaker Zoll 1952 USA is
Pasteurization Lewis Pasteur 1867 France
Pencil Lacques Nicolas Conte 1792 France
Periodic table Mendeleyev 1869 Russia
Photocopier Carlson 1938 USA
Photoelectric cell Julius Elster, Hans F Geitel 1893 Germany
Photo film, celluloid Reichenbach 1893 USA
Photo film, transparent Goodwin Eastman 1884 USA
Photography (on metal) J.N. Niepce 1826 France
Photography (on paper) W.H. Fox Talbot 1835 Britain
Photography (on film) John Carbutt 1888 USA
Piano Cristofori 1709 Italy
Pistol, revolver Colt 1836 USA
Plutonium fission Kennedy, whal,Seaborg,Segre 1940 USA
Pop-up toaster Charles Strite 1927 USA
Printing press Johann Gutenberg 1455 Germany
Printing (rotatory) Richard Hoe 1846 USA
Printing (Web) William Bullock 1865 USA
Proton Rutherford 1919 New Zealand
Quantum theory Plank 1900 Germany
Radar AH Taylor and Leo C Young 1922 USA
Radiocarbon dating Libby 1947 USA
Radio telegrapy Dr Mohlon Loomis 1864 USA
Radio telegrapy (trans Atlantic) G Marconi 1901 Italy
Rayon Sir Joseph Swan 1883 Britain
Razor (electric) Col Jacob Schick 1931 USA
Razor (safety) King C Gillette 1895 USA
Refrigerator James Harrison, Alexandre catlin 1850 USA
Relativity theory Einstein 1905 Germany
Rubber (latex foam) Dunlop Rubber Co. 1928 Britain
Rubber (Tyres) Thomas Hancock 1846 Britain
Rubber (Vulcanised) Charles Goodyear 1841 USA
Rubber (waterproof) Charles Macintosh 1823 Britain
Safety pin Walter Hunt 1849 USA
Safety razor King camp Gillette 1903 USA
Seatbelt Volvo 1959 Sweden
Self-starter Charles F Kettering 1911 USA
Ship (steam) IC Perier 1775 France
Ship (turbine) Hon Sir C Parson 1894 Britain
Silk manufacture 50 BC China
Skyscraper W Le Baron Jenny 1882 USA
Slide rule William Oughtred 1621 Britain
Spinning frame Sir Richard Arkwright 1769 Britain
Spinning Jenny JamesHargreaves 1764 Britain
Spinning Mule Samuel Crompton 1779 Britain
Steam Engine Thomas Savery 1698 Britain
Steam Engine(Piston) Thomas Newcomen 1712 Britain
Steam Engine(Condenser) James Watt 1765 Britain
Steel(Stainless) Harry Brealey 1913 Britain
Stethoscope Laennec 1819 French
Submarine David Bushnell 1776 USA
Super Computer J.H Van Tassel 1976 USA
Synthesiser Moog 1964 USA
Tank Sir Emest D Swington 1914 Britain
Tape recorder Fessenden Poulsen 1899 Denmark
Telegraph M Lammond 1787 France
Telegraph code Samuel FB Morse 1837 USA
Telephone, cellular Bell Labs 1947 USA
Telephone (imperfect) Antonio Meucci 1849 Italy
Telephone (perfected) Alexander Graham Bell 1876 USA
Telescope Hans Lippershey 1608 Netherlands
Television (mechanical) John Logie Baird 1926 Britain
Television (electronic) P.T Farnsworth 1927 USA
Television, colour John Logie Baird 1928 Britain
Transformer Michael Faraday 1831 Britain
Transistor Bardeen, Shockley & Brattain 1948 USA
Transistor radio Sony 1955 Japan
Uranium fission, atomic reactor Szilard Fermi 1942 USA
Vacuum cleaner Spangler 1907 USA
Videotape Charles Ginsberg 1956 USA
Velcro(hook-and-loop-fastner) Geprges de Mestral 1948 Switzerland
Washing machine(elec) Hurley Machine co 1907 USA
Watch Bartholomew Manfredi 1462 Italy
Welder (electric) Elisha Thomson 1877 USA
Windmill Persian corn grinding 600
Wireless (telegraph the) G Marconi 1896 Italy
x-ray W.K Roentgen 1895 Geremany
Zip Fastener W.L Judson 1891 USA

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