Superlatives of the World

Here is a list of the world’s superlatives, the largest, the smallest, the highest, the longest, the tallest and the biggest.

List of Largest things in the World

List of Smallest things in the World

List of Highest things in the World

List of Longest things in the World

List of Tallest things in the World

List of Biggest things in the World

Here is also some of the miscellaneous superlatives of the world.

Fastest land animal Cheetah
Oldest national flag Denmark
Fastest bird Swift
Shortest river Roe river in Montana (61 m long)
Lowest point on earth Dead Sea
Most densely populated province Monacco
Least populous city Vatican
The oldest plant Rose
The oldest capital city Damascus
Most poisonous fish Puffer fish
Coldest place Vostok,(Antarctica)
Hottest planet Venus
Strongest natural fibre Silk
Lowest temperature Absolute Zero
Widest Bridge Sydney Harbour Bridge
Busiest airport Chicago O’Hare International Airport
Island continents Antarctica and Australia
Lowest mountains Bheinna Bhaile
Hottest region North West Sahara, Azisia (Libya)
Fastest planet Mercury
Coldest planet Neptune
Widest Waterfall Khone Falls
Oldest Religion Hinduism
Slowest animal Snail
Heaviest Rainfall Mawsynram (India)
Driest place Death valley (California)
Hottest place Azizia (Libya)
Furthest planet (from the sun) Neptune
Shortest day December 22
Deepest ocean Pacific Ocean
Deepest lake Lake Baikal, (Siberia)
Deepest gorge Hell’s Canyon, (USA)
Deepest point in the ocean Challenger deep of Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean


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