Indian History

Indian History: Timeline
Ancient Texts and Authors
Importance of Ancient Indian Texts
Important Battles in Indian History
Foreign Invaders of India
Visitors to India
Court Poets in Indian History
Dynasties – Capitals, Founders and Temples
Famous Women in Indian History
Indus Valley Civilization
Buddhism & Jainism
The Mauryans
Post-Mauryan Kingdoms
The Gupta Period
Delhi Sultanate – Important Facts
Mughal Dynasty
Rulers and Women of Mughal Empire
Battles during Mughal Rule
Nine Gems of Akbar’s Court
Monuments and Books of Mughal Period
The Maratha State
Important Treaties in Indian History
European Penetration & British Conquest of India
The Great Revolt of 1857
British Governor Generals and Viceroys
Indian National Congress
Important Places during Freedom Struggle
Important Freedom Fighters of India
Revolutionary Freedom Fighters of India
Important Facts about Mahatma Gandhi
Important Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
What others said about Mahatma Gandhi