Connect Quiz 2

Question #1:Connect.
Connect 11

Charles babbage foundation. First picture shows the logo, second picture is Babbage himself and third picture is CEO of that foundation.

Question #2:Connect.
Connect 12

Intel 4004.First picture is Fredrico Faggin, second picture is the device to use 4004 and third picture (Busicom) is the company that holds the right for Intel 4004.

Question #3:Connect.
Connect 13

Wii U. The project code for Wii U was "Project Cafe " and Shigeru Miyamato is its designer.

Question #4:Connect.
Connect 14

Search algorithms by Google: Panda update and Penguin update.

Question #5:Connect "Embrace.extend and exterminate" with an IT company.


Question #6:Connect.
Connect 16

Indira Gandhi (IGI,Delhi) and Ahilya Bai Holkar (Indore) are the only two airports in India named after females.

Question #7:Connect.
Connect 17

Nagin.Vyjantimala, Reena Roy, Sri Devi and Mallika Sherawat all have played Nagins in movies.

Question #8:These four ladies are the only ones who have done this. Put Funda.
Connect 18

Jaddan Bai, Saraswarti Devi, Usha Khanna, Sneha Khanwalkar are the only four females to have composed music in Bollywood.

Question #9:Connect.
Connect 19

Founders of the different State Banks which were later nationalised.
Mir Osman Ali Khan,Nizam of Hyderabad (State Bank of Hyderabad)
Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala (State Bank of Patiala)
M. Visvesvaraya (State Bank of Mysore)
C.P.Ramaswamy Iyer (State Bank of Travancore)
Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holkar III (State Bank of Indore)

Question #10:Look at the painting carefully and weave a story in connection with the stone shown alongside.
Connect 20

Katha of Syamantaka Mani and Kohinoor Diamond.
Syamantaka Mani is perhaps the most famous jewel in Indian Mythology. The painting shows Lord Krishna with Jambavanta and the Syamantaka Mani. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna fought with Jambavanta to get the Syamantaka Mani. It is speculated that the Kohinoor is indeed the Syamantakamani passed down through the ages.

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