Inventions in the World 1

Question #1:
Neutron was discovered by
a) Marie Curie
b) Mendeleef
c) Rutherford
d) Chadwick


Question #2:
The theory of Evolution was produced by ?
a) Darwin
b) Einstein
c) Newton
d) Mendel


Question #3:
Cinematography was invented by ?
a) Graham Bell
b) Edison
c) Zeiss
d) Faraday


Question #4:
Inert gases were discovered by
a) Dalton
b) Newton
c) Roentgen
d) Ramsay


Question #5:
Who discovered oxygen?
a) Lavoisier
b) Joseph Priestley
c) Dalton
d) Swinton

Joseph Priestley

Question #6:
Analytical Engine was invented by ?
a) Dewar
b) Charles Babbage
c) Daimler
d) None of these

Charles Babbage

Question #7:
Bushwell invented ?
a) Atomic Bomb
b) Submarine
c) Urey
d) Hovercraft


Question #8:
Stethoscope was invented by ?
a) Bessemer
b) Rane Laennec
c) Henry Becquarrel
d) None of these

Henry Becquarrel

Question #9:
Elias Home invented ?
a) Steam boat
b) T.N.T
c) Sewing machine
d) None of these

Sewing machine

Question #10:
Pneumatic tyre was invented by ?
a) Firestone
b) Dunlop
c) Stanes
d) None of these


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