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#1 With which music instrument is Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma associated ?

#2 The boy laughed at the beggar.

#3 The Halifax summit was that of

#4 Who translated ‘Neel Darpan’ ?

#5 Crop rotation helps to

#6 Which two crops of the following are responsible for almost 75% of pulse production in India?

#7 Gynodioecious varieties of papaya produce –

#8 Among the following crop rotations, which is good for increasing soil Nutrient status?

#9 Where do the female mango leaf hoppers lay their eggs?

#10 Among the following, when is Friendship’s Day celebrated?

#11 What is the scientific term for high blood pressure?

#12 Soil factors are otherwise known as –

#13 The following computer’s memory is characterised by low-cost per bit stored –

#14 Universal Building Blocks are –

#15 The operating system that is self-contained in a device and resident in the ROM is –

#16 Iron is an important component of –

#17 Who was the painter of the famous ‘Bharatmata’ ?

#18 Firoja Begum is associated with-

#19 They drew a circle in the morning.

#20 Manodaya Kavya was composed by-