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#1 What is ‘Super-301’?

#2 Sulphur, containing amino acid is –

#3 They will demolish the entire block.

#4 The percentage of earth surface covered by India is

#5 Which among the following festivals is not celebrated during the months of March-April?

#6 Which of the following terms is used in the game of Badminton?

#7 Potassium chloride contains K –

#8 In Word, replace option is a available on –

#9 IRDA is the Indian regulator for the –

#10 Laddering is a tactic usually employed in the case of ———— investments.

#11 Photorespiration is inhibited by –

#12 Which of the following elements is not essential element of plants but proves to be beneficial for some plants?

#13 Tehri Dam of Uttarakhand has been constructed on the river:

#14 Identify the state in which Chauri Chaura is located.

#15 Micro-organism,which can grow at higher temperature, is called

#16 The pyrite is mostly found in–

#17 Who propounded the theory of ‘Economic Drain’ ?

#18 WP abbreviates as –

#19 Which is the International Dance?

#20 Triticum aestivum, the common bread wheat is –