GK and Current Affairs Quiz – 08 May 2017


#1 RBI is member bank of Asian Clearing Union. True or false ?

#2 Drip irrigation is useful in which region?

#3 The play ‘Nathabati Anathabot’ was directed by –

#4 Which one of the pathogens is monocylic?

#5 Which country led a boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games held in Moscow?

#6 Maithon Dam, which was in news during the 34th National Games is located on which of the following rivers?

#7 When was the status of SCI change from a private limited company to public limited?

#8 Champagne is drunk on new year’s eve.

#9 On which of the following river is Ajmer situated?

#10 They will demolish the entire block.


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