Indian Transport System Quiz1


#1 India’s first Jan Shatabdi Express between Mumbai-Goa was commenced on

#2 Shatabdi Express trains were introduced in 1989 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of which of the following personalities?

#3 Which of the following state has more international airports as of 2016?

#4 Which type of roads covers the maximum length in India?

#5 Which one of the following numbered Rajdhani trains covers the longest distance as of 2016 ? 

#6 Which of the following stations was formerly known as Victoria Terminus?

#7 When was the Border Roads Development Organisation (BRO) set up?

#8 The ‘Grand Trunk Road’ connects:

#9 When was the first train steamed off in India?

#10 Which of the following towns is not on the ”Golden Quadrilateral” being created for the roads infrastructure of the country?


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