Reserve Bank of India Quiz2

#1 Which of the following scheme was formulated by RBI ?

#2 For printing of currency notes two presses were set up by government of India. One is at Nasik. Where is the other one?

#3 When did the Headquarters of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) moved to Mumbai ?

#4 Who was the First Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor ?

#5 Which Commission recommended the formation of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ?

#6 Which of the following is not a fully owned subsidiary of RBI?

#7 Name the rating system given by RBI for the banking sector?

#8 Who signs One rupee note in India?

#9 In how many languages, the amount of a banknote is written on it ?

#10 RBI provides Ways and Means Advances (WMA) to :



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